Video and Animation production process

The video and animation production process typically involves several steps. Here are some details about the process:

  1. Brief & Research: This step involves understanding the client’s requirements and conducting research to gather information and inspiration for the project.
  2. Script & Concept: In this phase, a script is developed that outlines the storyline, dialogue, and overall concept of the video or animation.
  3. Mood Board & Storyboard: A mood board is created to establish the visual style, color palette, and overall mood of the project. A storyboard is then developed, which is a sequence of drawings that represent the key scenes and actions in the video or animation.
  4. Style & Illustrations: The visual style of the video or animation is determined, and illustrations or graphics are created to bring the concept to life.
  5. Voice Over: If the project requires narration or voice acting, this step involves recording the voice-over and syncing it with the visuals.
  6. Animation: The actual animation process takes place, where the illustrations and graphics are brought to life through movement and timing.
  7. Post Production: This final step involves adding finishing touches to the video or animation, such as sound effects, music, transitions, and any necessary editing.

These steps may vary depending on the specific project and production team, but they provide a general overview of the video and animation production process.

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